Sunday, August 12, 2012

Preparations For The Upcoming Season

With the second weekend without the midnight sun, evenings are already becoming darker. Although it will still be three weeks until we can expect to hear any DX, preparations start early.

We are always experimenting with new antennas. This year we will test a replacement to the 340-degree beverage, namely a staggered beverage in roughly the same direction. Otherwise, the antenna farm will not change much.

Most of the time was spent indoor though, painting walls that haven't seen new paint since the mid-70's. The photos below were taken just after sunset on Friday. It is the northern side of the Veines peninsula. This is quickly eroding (in geological perspective) sand stone.


Anonymous said...

Very nice photos! Like it!
I was in Abisko late July hiking. About the same awesome views...
I did Kebnekaise 2010 and now it's good to hear that they finally found the flight recorder from the Hercules accident in March.
73 Johan SWE

Anonymous said...

Conditions doesn't look too good this weekend, but even so, I will try one or two "nights" out on Cape Skagen here in Vardø. I don't expect to hear too much, just want to check that the BOG:s (I've got three of these now) and the rest of the gear works as expected.

73 de HR