Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Another SDR To Meet The Arctic Challenge

Many hobbyists design SDRs these days. The most promising I've seen so far is the AFEDRI SDR-Net, designed by 4Z5LV Alexander Trushkin. The latest version is not only able to cover the MW spectrum (1250 kHz bandwidth), but even has an ethernet connection! In other words, you can connect it to your router/switch, and access it with whatever PC is connected to your LAN. Just like the RF Space NetSDR.
Photo: 4Z5LV Alex
The specs aren't out of this world, but neither is the price tag. It will be interesting to see how well it fares compared to my other SDRs, Perseus, NetSDR, Excalibur and Excalibur Pro.

I've just ordered one, and I hope to do some preliminary tests by the end of May. Thanks Tracey Gardner for alerting me.


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the new addition. Can't wait to see your review here as I've enjoyed reading all your other reviews since the SDR-IQ.

Here's another interesting SDR implementation from Bonito. I wonder how that 'DX Channel' feature actually works and how the receiver in general stacks up against some of the more popular SDRs?

Bjarne Mjelde said...

In July 2011 I was asked if I would do a test of the 1102S. Subsequent emails were left un-answered by them, so I assumed it was vaporware. I understand that it will soon be available, but the 24 kHz bandwidth limitation is of no interest for the MW DX-er. The "DX Channel" feature is most likely a preamp.
It is not likely that I will buy one.

Anonymous said...

Did you also see the ELAD FDM-S1? Currently at 190kHz width, it is also announced to have it running up to 1.6MHz. I have it now a few weeks, it is an excellent SDR in my oppinion.