Friday, July 23, 2010

Excalibur DDC Recording Anomaly

I thought it was I who had done something wrong, some time ago when I didn't get a DDC recording to play back properly. I kept tuning up and down, but was still listening to the same signal.
Well, I hadn't. The thing is that there is - for no obvious reason - no reference or connection between the frequency range of the DDC recording and its playback. If you don't choose the "Insert freq" option when you record, you will not be able to play back the file with the correct frequency. And should you remember where you were during recording, you can "tune" only by clicking in the DDC or Demod spectrum - something that at best will be most inaccurate.

So, if you want to make a DDC recording, and play it back the way you play back a Perseus, SpectraVue or Winrad recording, you MUST choose "Insert freq". Now, I agree that in any case, it would be wise to put the center frequency of the DDC recording in the file name. But, when other vendors manage to get this connection right automatically, why can't Winradio? Who wants to make DDC recordings without being able to track the signals properly on playback? It is sort of ok when you're aware of it, but it does increase the risk of making a useless recording.

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M .Van Driessche said...

Nice tip Bjarne ,so I keep my eyes open and put always the ""insert freq"" button in