Friday, October 02, 2009

October 2 Update - Still New Zealand

More from Down Under! We are monitoring the BOH og TOH and enjoying periods with excellent signals from Newstalk ZB 1035 kHz in between. Listen to this! Or click on the recording in the box below.

Edit: The Newstalk ZB file was recorded from the Perseus SDR in Synchronous AM mode, bandwidth 5.55 kHz. Antenna: QDFA.


Chuck said...

Awesome signal! Doesn't it seem impossible that such a distant and medium powered station could be so clear?

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Yes, it is awesome. And the QDFA performed just as well as the 450-metre, 58-degrees beverage which is my main NZ antenna. Mind you we heard 1224 in Christchurch, 2 kW at 16,500 km. That's even better. And mind you, this was the peak of the peak for 1035. 10 minutes later it had drowned in Russia (or Estonia).

Anonymous said...

Hi Bjarne,
Gratulations to your great Logs
NZL! Its in Germany a dream to listen
NZL on MW. We are happy when we can
listen some Americas or Asian.
Further all the best for you and
allways best DX!
73, Manfred, from Wuppertal/Germany