Saturday, May 17, 2008

Recent Verifications

KVTA Port Hueneme CA 1520 made a surprise visit on Oct 22, 2007, as late as 1100 UTC (on day power?) with a very good signal on the hour. After I found the SDR-IQ recording ID, KVTA's CE was quick to respond to my reception report, just as he did when I heard KKZZ Ventura CA 1590 some years ago. California verie no 40.

KPRZ San Marcos CA 1210 was more difficult than expected to log this season. On Feb 27 I finally managed to pull 1210 free from 1215, and a weak but clear full-hour ID was noted. Email response on May 15. KPRZ, together with the four stations below, was heard on an SDR-IQ.

KSBN Spokane WA 1230 was briefly heard on Oct 15, 2007. Email from the Station Manager on May 12 confirmed my reception. 1230 was the first frequency on the air in Spokane, as long ago as 1921.

KLYQ Hamilton MT 1240 was a first log for me on Oct 22, 2007, briefly fading up as they ended a newscast. Email verie received on May 12. My 100th verified "graveyard" channel station.

KNBR San Francisco CA 680 has been a most wanted station for me. Actually I heard KNBR briefly once during my first season as a MW DX-er, in 1974, but never since. KBRW Barrow is extremely dominant but one morning in early October they were surprisingly weak, allowing KNBR to surface to good signal levels around the top of the hour. Email on May 5 finally brought KNBR home.

CINL Ashcroft BC 1340 was a great surprise on Dec 17, 2007; a good signal for a few minutes. I still haven't managed to hear its "mother" station CHNL 610 which should be a lot easier. Friendly email with a Word attachment from the CE came on May 5. At the same time I heard CIOR Princeton BC 1400, another rare one, so BC was getting out well that day. My 30th British Columbia verie.


Anonymous said...

On this day - the 16th of May 2008 - we will wish you a HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY, Bjarne!!!

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Thanks guys...