Saturday, January 19, 2008

KRSA Petersburg AK 580 Verification

I received a long and friendly email from Greg Lewis today, confirming my October 24, 2007 reception of KRSA. KRSA, previously very difficult to hear, has had a good signal over the Pole this winter, and I was able to send a good quality audio clip to Greg. Greg is at sister station KCAM Glennallen 790 today, but will be moving back to KRSA coming May.

Petersburg was founded by Norwegian Peter Buschman who established a fish processing plant there. Today, Petersburg is a fishing community not very different from many Norwegian coastal communities, around 3000 inhabitants and a seafood industry worth 34 mill USD annually. Petersburg's Norwegian connection can be found in street names (Haugen Drive, Odin Street, Fram Street), shop names like Hammer and Wikan, and their Mayfest. Those capable of reading Norwegian may find this article in the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten interesting.

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