Thursday, December 21, 2006

Recent Verifications

WTCM Traverse City MI 580 very friendly email yesterday from Steve Cook at WTCM Production. Heard on October 13. Steve says he's received three reports from our area the past month, so they have been getting out well.

KPOW Powell WY 1260 email from April Rodriguez today. KPOW had a good signal level during the KONG14 DX-pedition, but a bit difficult to ID because they ran a lot of non-stop C&W music. Did get a superb top of the hour ID though. Thanks TJB for the email address.

WHLY South Bend IN 1580 email from Greg DeRue for a 2003 report. WHLY has since been sold, and has recently flipped to Catholic EWTN programming. Thanks OJS for the email address.

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