Saturday, September 06, 2014

Arctic DX Summit 2014 - Day Two

Saturday! Protons! Caffè Latte! Cappuccino! Pop-Quiz on NRK!

Yesterday we erected the dual 340 beverage, although far-end ground termination is not yet in place. We also set up all the gear for this winter's DX; below is Arnstein's and OJ's SDRs and hard drives.

The 1974 Tandberg Huldra 11 (US version is TR 2025) has been reduced to being an SDR support.

Yesterday's dinner started off with  fried bits of salmon and butter sauce, with fried ham, accidentally reduced to mostly carbon.

The main course was chicken fillets, marinated in Provence-type spices, butter sauce (OJ made a lot) and mashed potatoes. Assorted cheese for dessert.

We tested a few new wines and one old: The latter, Calle's Riesling went well with the salmon while a bottle of La Vieille Ferme 2013 was considered appropriate for the chicken. A Trerose 2012 kept it company. A Gigondas 2011 tasted well with the cheese (or the other way around). A Ron Zacapa rum, supplied by TJ, rounded off the dinner.

Weather is quite OK, 9 Celsius, light winds but occasional rain.


Allan Helm said...

Would be nice with a description of the equipment in the picture. I recognize the Perseus, but the rest? What PC is used? And how is it equipped (processor, memory, speed etc.) Hard discs (type, size)? And the box on top of the Perseus? How are the external HD connected? USB2, USB3 or what?
Please give us a technical description, if there is time between dx-ing, eating and drinking! You seem to have a nice DX party going on!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the carbonized ham was no accident and instead a shrewd source of carbon to repair any damage to termination resistors.