Thursday, October 22, 2015

KONG31 Expediton Report - Day 6

The prospects for the night looked good - alas it was not to last. The power company did a maintenance power outage starting at 12 Midnight local (2200Z) which lasted for almost five hours. We weren't quite aware of this, because the public statement about the outage was made to a hidden web page hidden deep in the company's menu structure. To add to the injury, when power resumed, the fuse responsible for the living room decided that the combined load of all electric appliances coming back to life at once became too much to handle. So it collapsed.

Eventually we got things running again. Not much of interest so far, except KTOP-KS 1490. However, after 0600Z there wasn't much left, and a solar flare didn't make things easier.

Asia surfaced at around 1200Z but levels were weak and uninteresting.

OJ and I decided to go to Berlevåg for supplementary shopping, and visited the Loran C site while there. It is scheduled to close at Midnight, December 31. An impressive structure, and an impressive 250 kW transmitter. And an impressive amount of noise.

Loran C mast, Berlevåg
The proton level has increased, which may mean no more DX this week.

But we don't despair! For dinner this calm and mainly dry Thursday we started with cured reindeer fillet, served with small almond potatoes and a dressing made from olive oil, orange juice and chopped small onions. The main course was fried duck fillets, sweet potato paste and red wine sauce. Assorted cheeses for dessert.

Today's pic: Gray and rainy morning but weather improved. 4 degrees maximum temperature, and calm.
OCT-22 0550

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