Saturday, October 17, 2015

KONG31 Expedition Report - Day One (or actually two)

Friday was arrival time for the bold travellers OJ Sagdahl, Arnstein Bue and TJ Bråtveit. Weather was typical for October, 2-3 Celsius with gusty winds and rain/sleet showers. Eventually in the afternoon they settled in, and we could test some good beers (Nøgne Ø IPA, Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA), and some really awful ones (Prykmestar Double IPA, Kukko Vahva Pils and Mufloni Mosaic Vehnäipa to name a few).

Coronal Hole 695 has made a lot of trouble for us the past couple of weeks. It's finally begun to rotate out of geoeffective position, and a few NZ stations did surface at 1200Z yesterday just before the dominant Asians took over. Last night wasn't exceptional, but we did have decent signal levels from around 0030 until 0430. Mostly from the western time zones in North America. Noted of interest KAIR-KS 1470 and KBUD-CO 1550 and a few that need closer attention. A general impression of the overnight signal levels is below. The redder the better - the red lines on the sides give a visual impression of the fluctuation of signal levels.

Overnight, OCT-17

Today started with faint audio from Kiribati 1440 up until around 1000Z. Japan surfaced just before 1200, as did Newstalk ZB-1035. Otherwise an uneventful afternoon - no Aussies audible at any strength. More details on the weblog.

Dinners at KONG are always exciting. For starters we had duck liver paste served on home made bread. Main course was of course the King Crab, impeccable quality from the factory Polar Seafood Berlevåg AS, and treated with sufficient love & care to make a perfect meal. We had to postpone the dessert a bit, but it will be Creme Brulee.

King Crab legs - more than a mouthful

The temperature maxed out at around 6 Celsius today, relatively calm winds and light showers. And some not so light.

The motif below will be photographed every morning at around 8 am local, 0600Z. It's taken from a window in my living room. I expect the scenery to change during our stay here. Or maybe it won't.

OCT-17 0552Z


Franck F4LKC said...

Hello Bjarne,

thanks for the report, it's possible to receive French Polynesia on 738Khz(20Kw)since
Berlevag ?

Best 73 and good DX

Franck F4LKC

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Franck: Yes, 738 has been heard on a number of occasions in previous years (solar minimum).

Franck F4LKC said...

Thank you for your answer Bjarne, I wish you many of new stations for KONG31

Best 73

Franck F4LKC