Monday, October 19, 2015

KONG31 Expedition Report - Day Three

The ionosphere calmed a bit during yesterday so the night wasn't as uneventful as we feared. Low signal levels, but luckily low noise levels as well. Nothing spectacular - I noted WHGT-MD 1590 just before it powered down from 15 kW at 2230Z. Others noted in passing were KWBE-NE 1450 and KLMS-NE 1480,  A bit after 0500Z signals dropped to near zero, with a slight  recovery starting 0730. Eureka, CA stations KIHH-1400 and KGOE-1470 noted at 1000Z. Check our weblog for more details.

Basically nothing at all from the Pacific. East Asia surfaced at around 1200Z but conditions soon turned southern as they did yesterday. Old recordings were more exciting.

A little intro to the Jaguar software: It has the ability to separate stations that are only hertz away. The example below shows six minutes from 1548, where multiple, non-synchronized Chinese stations dominate, while 4QD from Emerald, NSW, Australia is visible - and audible - on the side. Jaguar also suggests stations based on known offsets - these suggestions are overlined here because they're not relevant.  The lowest signal is on 1547.968 kHz, the higest on 1548.044 kHz. Even non-audible carriers are easily visible on the waterfall. The accuracy of course depends on the Perseus SDR being properly calibrated.

Waterfall 6 minutes on 1548 kHz
Today was salmon day. We started off with bruschetta featuring today's sourdough bread (an OJS specialty). Main course was fried salmon with woked vegetables and basmati rice, and we finished it off with dark chocolate pudding with custard. And Amaretto. And some more Amaretto.

Below is today's pic. 7-8 Celsius today, a little breeze but dry, although cloudy.
19-OCT 0550Z


Mir said...

At what time is the screenshot taken?

Bjarne Mjelde said...

I didn't take a note of the time. Some time prior to 1500 UTC I suppose.

Mir said...

OK, so the the VOR/TWR error is from some old database, they are now on only between 1800-2000.
It's a pity, that people have almost stopped updating offsets.