Wednesday, October 21, 2015

KONG31 Expedition Report - Day Five

This was not a good night. Fair signals on the top part of the band from around 2300, and WXTG Hampton VA dominated 1490 for an hour. Nice signal from WRHC-FL 1550 when on day power.Then into mostly nothingness until around 0300 when signals appeared to recover. However very wide conditions, Brazil on one frequency and Seattle on another. So nothing much happened, and from 0430 the signals fizzeled out into the noise.

Asia/Pacific surfaced just after 1000Z. Nothing from New Zealand at that time, but Radio Kiribati 1440 had a nice signal for a few minutes and a "You are listening to Radio Kiribas" ID. From there on only the usual stuff from Asia.

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Another interesting feature with the Jaguar/Perseus combo is the Monitor. Below is a 60-minute waterfall of 1490. It shows how stations can be tentatively separated by their small offsets, and it gives the user the possibility to "point and shoot" on the station of interest. During these 60 minutes, WXTG  (1489.997) was the dominating station, confirmed by multiple IDs throughout the hour. An interesting signal was spotted where the hollow circle is placed. It was only audible at that short time span, and by clicking on the waterfall I sure enough heard good audio from another station which unfortunately wouldn't ID at that time (but I guess/suspect it was WBAE because of the nostagia music format). As I mentioned on the Day Three report, it requires the Perseus to be calibrated against a station or signal where the exact frequency is known.

One hour on 1490
Below is another example on 1230 with two dominating stations; the one to the right is presumably CFFB Iqualuit NU, while the one to the left is actually wobbling 1 Hz in apparently regular intervals (around 35 minutes).

One hour on 1230
Of course the Monitor will only help you if you have a continous recording.

Weatherwise it's much the same. The wind increased to strong breeze overnight, and the temperature fell to around 3 Celsius. A few rain showers as the wind calmed, and then the clouds went away. Max temp was 5. Outlook for the rest of the week is chances of light rain, windy at periods and cooler. We're happy for every snowless day.

Today's three-course dinner started off with cured duck breast on sourdough bread covered with gruyere and baked in the oven. The main course was simple enough -  flaming hot Holy Cod fish soup - no further explanation required. For dessert: Artificially flavoured strawberry jelly with custard. And Grappa. And some more Grappa.

Today's pic: Since the weather changed quite a bit here are two.

OCT-21 0550Z

OCT-21 0915Z

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