Sunday, October 18, 2015

KONG31 Expedition Report - Day Two

Several C-flares late yesterday made the K-index rise to 4, and the signal levels fluctuated a lot overnight with the best signals around 0110-0200Z. Stations of interest: KFLN-MT 960, KNEU-UT 1250 and  WMOH-OH 1450,

Pacific started early today with Kiribati-1440 audible prior to 0830Z, also traces from Tonga-1017 at that time. Then it fizzled out into nothing...until just before 1000Z when New Zealand was all over the band! 25 stations identified, including several new ones in a peak that lasted for only around 5 minutes, but luckily included the top of the hour. As the peak ended, a major disturbance set in, and the band is now very noisy and very auroral.

OCT-18 Overnight and daytime 310 beverage
A few words about today's dinner: For starters, bacon-fat fried king crab with no accessories. The main course was pulled chicken with rice and woked vegetables, and cheese (some of it came from France and was very aggressive) rounded off the meal.

Below is the daily pic. Nice & calm today, maximum of 5 Celsius and dry.
18-OCT 0552 UTC


Chuck said...

How does 25 NZ stations compare to your previous totals? At 10,000 mi / 16,000 km, these must be your most distant logs.

And will you ship some crab legs to me?


Bjarne Mjelde said...

Total NZ capture is over 60. Yes, NZ is the most distant MW target from here. Impressive that stations with 1-10 kW can make that travel. Crab legs: No problem, but only JPGs ;-)

GuidoS said...

Incredible to see how high J-index goes there up North! That was much lower during our Walsoorden DX-pedition last weekend. Wishing you a successful DXped and enjoy the new Jaguar tools.