Tuesday, October 20, 2015

KONG31 Expedition Report - Day Four

Fluctuating signals throughout the night, from quite strong to almost nothing. 0100, 0400 and 0500Z were ok full hours. After 0600 the band died,

Nothing new or exciting. Among the slightly less than ordinary we might mention KSEI-ID and KOGA-NE 930, KODY-NE 1240, WOTE-WI 1380, KVSI-ID 1450 and KAIR-KS 1470.

Yaslog 310 degrees beverage 20-OCT

Asia started very late. Only just before 1200Z did we hear the first faint signals from Japan, as usual the Hokkaido stations were first to show. But at 1200, Newstalk ZB 1035 surfaced with a good signal for around 25 minutes. Not much else from NZ though. To our surprise we found 4TAB, Adelaide SA, 1539 kHz later in the afternoon. Nothing else from the area was found. Please remember to check the weblog in the morning.

So! Time for dinner! As usual there was a three-course meal: We started with salmon sashimi slightly treated with a superhot mix of sesame and grapeseed oil, served with pin sticks of fresh ginger, coriander leaves, sesame seeds and fresh ground pepper. Absolutely yummi!

The main course was lamb sirloin and tenderloin, passionately prepared by Mr. Bue. Pearl potatoes, junior onions, apple gelly and magic sauce. Yummi Yummi!! This was a KONG first, and certainly not the last.

For dessert we enjoyed chocolate pudding and custard, and some Grappa. And some Aquavit.

Below is today's pic from this morning. 6 Celsius, cloudy and some wind early on, but the wind calmed down in the afternoon,

OCT-20 0552Z

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Chuck said...

I surrender. KONG has won the battle for DX cuisine. That is quite a sashimi and with the lamb, I would have eaten someone else's dinner too.

Our only hope in Grayland is to match your DX.