Sunday, October 21, 2007

Things To Do When Conditions Should Be Improving

1. Twist the dials
2. Check antenna connections
3. Re-check antenna connections
4. Shake heads
5. Twist the dials

Seriously though: According to SWPC, conditions should be good now. But as is often the case in northern locations, the signals take time to recover. Not that it seemed to play much difference at Andøya, where our friends Jan, Ole, Geir and Tore had superb conditions towards Latin America last night. Only few, and mostly weak, signals here. Maybe someone fired off a rocket from the Andøya Rocket Range and put a hole in the ionosphere so that the signals leaked down through that hole?

Nothing much from North America either, very quiet on the band. But then the ionosphere again acts in mysterious ways as KSMA Santa Maria CA suddenly appeared on 1240 with a good signal! Just about alone! But followed by the more common KTIX Pendleton OR seconds later. Again and again we see that even when conditions appear totally useless, excellent DX can be heard.

Here is the latest weather update: Very mild and calm during the night, increased wind and a little rain at the time of writing, but still very mild with around 5C.

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