Thursday, October 18, 2007

Expect The Unexpected

Far too often, when solar disturbances occur, one tends to believe that nothing's going to be heard. Some of the time it may be true. But Kongsfjord is an extraordinary location. Even if NA conditions in general were poor, we did hear a few nice ones. And the unexpected New Zealand opening later on was record-breaking, in that we heard 3YW from Westport on the South Island, 1458, transmitting with a mere 400 watts. Now, with a distance of 16,000 km it is a logging that is hard to beat.

A few nice Australians also showed up later on. Right now we're preparing dinner, a reindeer steak with slow-gratinated potatoes. The highlights are flashing by like telephone posts from a train window...

Weather has taken a definitive turn for the worse though, with 55 km/h NW winds and rainshowers, expected to get worse overnight. +4C right now, will drop to +1C by tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Oh boys; I could imagine what you can hear upo there when even in Southern Finland we have got quite a few low power Japanese in the evening. And almost daily during the last few days some fq´s dominating of Philippines stations (like 1062, 1314) means usually very nice cx to PHL, AUS, NZ - unfortunately not very many of the AUS/NZ down here. Nice logs guys; it seems "you´ve got them all now"... 73, tk

Anonymous said...

A remarkable catch. Well done ! 73 Gary Deacon