Sunday, October 14, 2007

Still Waiting

Jan says the coronal hole is still influencing reception, and it appears to be so. Lots of stations in the band, but nothing spectacular. Last night gave no daytimers; the Maine stations dominated the early hours (1470, 1160, 1390, 1370 etc) and when they were gone we went to sleep.

From around 0500 mostly prairie-type conditions with strong Canadians from Manitoba and westwards, some Mexico and signals on every channel but mostly heard before. So: Still waiting. But as I write this, CJRJ Victoria BC 1200 is entertaining us with Indian music at excellent strength. Hopefully we will enjoy better conditions towards the Pacific today.

IBOC noise: As reported from the Lemmenjoki expeditions, the IBOC noise is very much noticeable, and obscures reception on several frequencies.

Weather: Cloudy but dry, 35 km/h wind from the south and the temperature is at the freezing point.

Will upload some pictures later today.

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