Saturday, October 20, 2007

Things To Do When Conditions Are Poor

1. Listen to recordings from previous days. It's amazing how many hundred IDs of WOOD you can get from that.
2. Jog. With 60 km/h winds only OJ is brave enough to try, and he will surely break the Veines Lighthouse world record - on the way out. He will surely crawl the way in.
3. Write reception logs and reports. We will try to use Google Docs as a mean to coordinate our efforts.
4. Listen to KBRW. Now and then they put a volunteer behind the mic who is more interested in playing a heavy-metal/death-metal mix than put his voice on the air for any talent hunters to hear. Maybe just as well. But we do like the music!
5. Make up for lost sleep. Arnstein slept 12 hours during the last 15 hours, roughly the same as during the first week.
6. Wait for Kongsfjord Gjestehus to open their doors for us.

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