Thursday, October 11, 2007

KONG17 Preps, Menue

After a mild and calm September, this autumn has suddenly smacked us in our faces with fierce winds, snow and hail! The rest of the KONG crew is supposed to land at 1.07 pm local tomorrow; whether they do or not is an open question. Let's hope Widerøe fights off the wind gusts!

Some have expressed interest in what we eat during the KONG expeditions. We all appreciate good food and good drinks, and here is what we plan to eat:

12.10. Bjarnes guollegratiidna

13.10. Gonagasreabbá carbonarain

14.10. Oapmanis basson luossa ja ruotnasat

15.10. Bohccobiergu, luomelákca bajáluššan

16.10. Gonagasreabbá wok-bánnos

17.10. Oapmanis basson dorski, wok-ruotnasat ja sovssa

18.10. Obban bassojuvvon lábbáčoarbbealli

19.10. Gonagasreabbá carbonarain

20.10. Gaskabeaivvit guosseviesus

21.10. Basson luossačaskkástagat ja buđehat ja loahppelákca

22.10. Lábbábiergomálli

23.10. Seaguhus bázahus borramušaidguin

Sounds good, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Icelandic, sami and some local tongue....?
73 JL Swe