Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Strange Conditions Pt. II

Again a lousy night and morning, but as noon approached we had excellent signal levels from Oregon and Washington, well into the afternoon. Good signals as late as 3 pm local (1300 UTC). We're not quite sure yet what we heard, except I've noted in passing IDs from KQMS and KNND 1400. The SDR-IQs were running hot in RF Recording mode, so we'll learn later which secrets have been unveiled.

4QD 1548 had a super signal later on and we thought we might have another good Aussie opening, but only found traces of audio on 630 and 1512. The most common Pacific stations like Tonga 1017 and Marshall Islands 1098 were also present but not with impressive strengths.

On Monday evening I was called up by Chris Walker at CBC British Columbia, and we had a five-minute chat which was aired on CBC Daybreak North which originates from Prince Rupert (860) and Prince George (FM). The interview ended with Chris giving me an official verification of my reception of CFPR Prince Rupert BC 860, on the air! My first!

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lopta said...

You also made it into the "B.C. This Week" podcast.