Saturday, October 24, 2020

KONG41 Day Eight - King Crab Mania!

 Signal levels varied but were quite high overnight, though not much of interest was noted. As for Asia/Pacific: Another boring day. Tonga-1017 had a short, early peak, and that was it. Replacement of battery and SSD on Mount Loran was done in very unpleasant conditions - strong gale force winds and constant rain. No fun at all!

All the more fun to prepare the second of the KONG DX-pedition signature meals, the King Crab! As usual, served with carbonara and a 2017 Le Buissy red wine. Although a little less meat than expected in each leg, the crab tasted wonderfully, baked on a bed of salt with spices.

Scissors for opening the legs...

Jim Solatie and Pia were supposed to enjoy the meal with us, unfortunately due to Covid-19 travel restrictions they were not able to enter Norway, so all they got were some photos. Next year!

It should be noted that we tried a Manzanilla 2017 sherry for some salty snacks as starters. Our ranking is on the photo below.

However, we found an excellent Mas Amiel for the dessert, chocolate pudding with custard.

Weather turned out as forecasted - gale force winds and heavy rain showers most of the day. 3-4 Celsius, so most of the snow on lower grounds is now gone. It will be windy and rainy today as well, so another wet challenge is awaiting Ole and OJ at Mount Loran. Below is today's morning view. By the way, tomorrow will be the last KONG41 update. Mount Loran will be dismantled tomorrow as well.

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