Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September 29 Update

A few interesting stations, such as 1230 KSYM Mankato MN on the 28, and also a few Aussies, but nothing like the DU bonanza experienced in Lemmenjoki on the 27. Well, we weren't listening at that time, were we... Interesting conditions today - OJ reports that the QDFA has nailed its first Hawaiian with 1500 KUMU Honolulu at 1300Z. We were complaining that the QDFA didn't work in daylight. OK so maybe it does...

In any case, the 350 degree bearing of the QDFA makes it a much more westerly oriented antenna than I had expected, given its broad front lobe. The 310 hears eastern North America better, but the QDFA sort of takes the rest, including Hawaii and Japan. The big question is: Is it too broad? Will the more directive beverages prove better in the long run? Time will tell.

Recent veries: 1330 WRCA Waltham MA, 1230 KSYM Mankato MN, 1410 KOOQ North Platte NE and 1490 KCFC Boulder CO.

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