Tuesday, September 08, 2009

First Chinese NDB Heard In Europe (Edit: Norway)?

Maybe not. I don't have the statistics. But NDB Database expert Michael Oexner was very enthusiastic when I asked him what station on 439 kHz ID'ed "WD". His reply:

WD-439.0 Zhonghao/Taiyuan/Wusu CHN N37 39 30 E112 46 54

Heard today with my Perseus connected to a 58-degree beverage at 1800 UTC. The distance should be roughly 6,500 km. Extremely weak, of course. Thanks for your info, Michael!


Kari ja Johanna said...

Hi Bjarne

Chinese NDB's were heard many times last winter here in southern Finland.

kari oh5yw

Kari ja Johanna said...


here stations:

338 HKG Hong Kong CHN 352 OY Urumqi / Diwopu / Fukang CHN
398 RM Urumqi /Diwopu CHN

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Thank you Kari, I stand corrected. I was too aroused I suppose...

MO said...

Hi Bjarne,

Far East NDB reception was pioneered by Vesa Hienonen in Finland last winter. He logged HKG-338 Hong Kong, OY-352 and RM-398 Urumqi and from Indonesia OJ-375.0 Hasanuddin - all European firsts at that time if I'm not mistaken.

Last season saw also European DXers logging 4 NDBs from Pakistan for the first time: PS-308 Peshawar, QT-348 Quetta, MT-387 Multan and KE-410 Chor.

Let's hope for another rewarding season :-)

vy 73 + gd DX


sm6pxj said...

SM6BHZ's beacon on 504 kHz has been heard in China recently. Last time Sept 12 between 20.24-20.46 UTC.
I think he is using WSPR-mode.
73/Christer SM6PXJ