Saturday, September 26, 2009

September 26 Update

Checked a few of the Sept 24/25 recordings and all the Sept 26 recordings. Conditions not too bad. Stations worth mentioning are 710 KCMO Kansas City MO, 790 WAYY Eau Claire WI, 1370 WFEA Manchester NH (basically a new log), 1410 KIIX Ft Collins CO under KOOQ, 1430 KCLK Asotin WA, 1470 WNYY Ithaca NY and a very potent 1490 KQDS Duluth MN with its new moniker "The Fan 1490".

The QDFA still proves to be superior at night, while the 310, connected to my other Perseus, dominate mornings. Actually, comparing the QDFA and the 310 is a bit unfair to the QDFA since the 310 has many of the European stations in its side null. It is somewhat more sensitive towards eastern North America and South America while the QDFA with its 350 degrees bearing goes further west. To illustrate my point: At one instance on 1430, the 310 beverage had KLO on top and CKHT audible underneath, while the QDFA had KLO on top but KCLK Asotin WA close behind.

Winds up to 25 meters per second expected overnight, so it will be interesting to see if the QDFA is still up tomorrow...

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