Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Perseus Has Landed

Sent from ssb.de on Dec. 4, arrived today. Yes I agree, the picture is NOT good... but the radio is. I tested it only briefly in Kongsfjord this afternoon. Compared to the SDR-IQ it appears to have better audio recovery, especially in AM mode. Tuning takes a bit getting used to, accustomed as I am with the IQ and Spectravue. The driver and the XP software installed without problems on my Vista PC.

For some reason I was unable to make a sensitivity measurement of it. Don't know what I did wrong. There is no reason to believe that it is less sensitive than the IQ. I didn't find any threshold signals where I could compare the two properly. But the Perseus appears, from the 30 minutes I played with it, to be an excellent receiver. And surprisingly enough very immune to the Loran C noise I usually hear in the 550-590 kHz area. And as many have pointed out: The adjustable bandwidth control is superb. Very slick.

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