Saturday, December 15, 2007

Anyone Looking For An Eton E1XM?

Look no further!

With three SDRs in my radio room (2 x SDR-IQ + 1 Perseus), I just need to cut down on the number of conventional receivers. I sold my Icom IC-7000 a few months ago, and I have decided to sell my E1. That would leave me with 2 x IC-746Pro and one IC-703, all three specially modified for MW DX by Dallas Lankford. It is not likely that any of them will ever go.

My E1 is of the "refurbished" stock - Eton did a recall because of a missing trace in the circuit which could cause battery heat-up if the user was using both an AC adapter and batteries. The issue was dealt with by Drake according to web sources. I bought it from a US dealer who filed for bankruptcy the following day. Hopefully there is no connection there... I believe there is a tag or sticker inside confirming that it has been repaired.

The E1 is a very fine receiver indeed and very sensitive (0.5uV in AM, 7 kHz, 30% mod) and with very good selectivity and the possibility of using AM Synchronous Detection with the Lower, Upper or both sidebands.

My E1 has been exceptionally well kept even if it has many hours in the "On"-position. There has never been a battery in it. Original box. I was thinking EUR 300 or equivalent + shipping. The price would probably exclude North Americans because of the poor USD-EUR exchange rate, but the E1 is much higher priced in Europe so this should be a bargain for most European DX-ers! I'll throw in the correct AM antenna connector. Electronic bank transfer to my IBAN is the only option for payment.

For another EUR 50 I'll throw in an iriver flash-based MP3 recorder/player with a dedicated line-in (very few have these days). These are excellent recorders with a recording level adjustment, and using 64 kbps gives you 32 hours of DX which can be dragged and dropped to your PC's hard drive (full UMS compliance). Powered by one AA-battery. 1 GB.

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