Sunday, December 16, 2007

CHGM Gaspé QC 1150 Verification

I've heard CHGM only once with a proper signal (and an ID to match), in October 2006. And I may not hear them again since they will leave AM in not too long. Anyway, a few reports were sent out but with little luck until yesterday when Francis Rémillard confirmed my reception. I am glad I have made a habit of checking Gmail's spam folder because that is where his reply went.

On to a totally different subject; the Eton E1xm advertised below has found a new home and a worthy owner.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Bjarne,

Here from my home QTH, Portneuf, Quebec, CAN, CHNC New Carlisle can be hear all day long with my beverages. Along with CHGM, they share the same audio feed. I'm about 500km from the transmitter. I'm doing TA dx since about a year. I had some post on yahoo mwdx. Quite special that you had this verification after such a long time and between all this "junk". I've red about the Kongsford expeditions on your website.Very interesting. It is quite impressing all the wires you can spread. In wintertime, almost all day long, you can catch something from everywhere. At my latitude, at the winter solstice, TA's are beginning to show up from around 14:00 local time.

Sylvain Naud
Portneuf, QC, CAN