Sunday, September 16, 2007

Recent Developments (And The 475-meter Was Not A Dud)

Fair conditions towards North America although I haven't had too much time to listen, and the IQ-recorded material hasn't been checked yet. Interesting though that the 475-metre beverage antenna which was said to be a dud in a previous post, certainly isn't! Yes, interference levels from Europe and the Middle East was hard to beat, but after dawn when the signal levels dropped the antenna proved to be an excellent performer. North America signal levels at least 10dB better than the old beverage. The picture shows the first 150 meter run; you can see where it climbs up on the cliff and continues at a higher altitude.

I will keep the old, short one though since it enables DX at nighttime with its excellent rejection of EU/ME signals.

The 5th beverage is now up, a 330-meter directed at 333 degrees or western North America. Only one waiting, the 600-meter directed at 30 degrees (Pacific).

Finally, I finished an AELPAF (see description), and connected it to my audio distribution and a large Tandberg vintage speaker. Excellent audio and rejection of selective fading distortion!

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