Monday, September 24, 2007

The Kongsfjord Spider Web

Here are my beverage antennas:
1: 30 degrees, 610 meters. Aimed mainly at eastern Pacific (from NZ eastwards), very good for Hawaii, Alaska too.
2: 58 degrees, 550 meters. Aimed mainly at Japan, eastern Australia, Guam
3: 85 degrees, 600 meters. Aimed mainly at SE Asia; Australia. The back lobe hears Brazil and Argentina well.
4: 315 degrees, 220 meters (old). Aimed mainly at eastern North America, also good towards Mexico and northern South America.
5: 315 degrees, 470 meters (new). This is a back lobe beverage. Otherwise same as 4 but more gain. Also more EU interference so sometimes the old 315 provides better SNR.
6: 340 degrees, 350 meters. New; replaces the old 333 degrees, 290 meters beverage. Aimed mainly at western North America.

Average height above ground is 2.5 meters.

Beverages 4 and 6 start roughly at the same spot. You will note from the map that beverages 2 and 3 go quite high in elevation and have some steep climbs. Apparently without compromising directivity too much (or at all). Altitude displayed in meters.

Luckily my neighbours have a very laid back attitude towards my antenna farm...

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