Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good Afternoon For Australia

What was supposed to be a brief visit to Kongsfjord evolved into an interesting hunt for Australia. Between 16 and 17 UTC I had signals from the following Aussies:

1161 5AN ABC Naracoorte, SA
1233 2NC ABC Newcastle, NSW
1503 2BS Bathurst, NSW
1512 2RN ABC Newcastle, NSW
1548 4QD ABC Emerald, QLD

Some hefty signals later on x-band too, especially 1638. I also heard Japanese on 1650 which puzzled me a bit since all the Japanese low-power coastal stations are listed on 1670.

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Anonymous said...

Hellow from Japan. I usually check your blog since some QSL information of NA stations are very useful (I often travel to USA and heard MW stations).

Re 1650kHz: Some Japanese maritime traffic stations, such as Osaka Martis use this channel.