Monday, December 04, 2006

Should I Send a 1 USD Bill To Canadian Stations For Return Postage?

No, I shouldn't! I've been asked to put some focus on this from one of our true friends in the radio business, Richard King at NewCap, Newfoundland. Richard takes care of reception reports to the stations in the VOCM network in NL. He often receives a 1 USD bill enclosed with written reports, however this is not enough to cover return postage! Please beware that an overseas letter from Canada costs almost CAD 1.50, compared to USD 0.84 from the US. At the current exchange rate, 1 USD is 1.15 CAD. Obviously a 1 USD bill doesn't cover the postage.

Here are our choices:

Buy Canadian stamps and use a SASE.

Buy International Reply Coupons

(The preferred way) Email Richard! His email address is ckxg at vocm dot com (rephrased here to avoid spambots – do NOT publicize the exact email address). Emailed reports with small audio files is the easiest and fastest way for Richard to maintain his excellent service to DX-ers.

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