Sunday, December 31, 2006

Latest Logs of 2006 - And A Happy New Year!

What a devastating December...DX-wise that is. Finally at the end of the months conditions did improve, and I spent a couple of nights/mornings in Kongsfjord trying to hear some NA. As is usual after a disturbance, EU signal levels were high during the night. The loggings below are those that I heard; since I used five receivers there will be some (hopefully nice ones) that will be found when going through the recordings. Loggings sorted by frequency only; not continent.

610 WTVN Columbus OH, CKYL Peace River AB
690 CBU Vancouver BC
830 YVLT Radio Sensación
1280 KZNS Salt Lake City UT, KBNO Denver CO
1310 WDTW Dearborn MI, CIWW Ottawa ON, CHLW St. Paul AB
1320 YVWP Radio Apolo, CKEC New Glasgow NS
1370 WXXI Rochester NY, WDEA Ellsworth ME
1380 KOTA Rapid City SD, CKLC Kingston ON
1460 WDDY Albany NY
1690 WVON Berwyn IL
1700 KKLF Richardson TX, XEPE Tecate BC + pres. KVNS

And of course all the usual dominants from North America, too many to list.
With only a few hours remaining this will be my last blog entry for 2006. Best wishes for the new year!


weatherall said...

Nice catches. What kind of receiver + antenna are you using? Happy new year!

Bjarne Mjelde said...

See "Participants" at