Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Recent Verifications

KORT Grangeville ID 1230 email from GM Melinda Fischer. Heard very briefly on Oct 6 this is an AM/FM simulcast with a C&W format. Also heard from "W" Alan Hall, a C&W artist associated with KORT.

KTCR Kennewick WA 1340 was heard on October 12, briefly surfacing through the solid KLKI Anacortes WA signal that day. Station engineer John McDaniel says "...I find this totally amazing since we are only operating at 1 Kilowatt into a 110 foot vertical antenna." I'll agree that 110 foot isn't a lot of height!

KQNG Kihei HI 570 has for obvious reasons always been the KONG DX-pedition mascot station! But a massive challenge too - I've heard it very briefly once before (many years ago) but during KONG14 I managed to hear it with fair strength on a clear frequency at top of the hour. Andy Melamed at kongradio confirmed my reception while forwarding my message.
My 27th confirmed Hawaiian AM. Only 550 and 790 remain of currently operating HI's, and I hope to find 550 when checking later recordings. If the current CP's in Hawaii get into operation, there should be a fair chance of reaching the 30-station mark within a year.

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