Saturday, October 16, 2021

KONG43 - Day Two

As reported to various FB groups, last night's reception at the KONG HQ was somewhat uninspiring. Maybe not so for the Mount Loran recordings, although a lot need to be checked. Interesting to note though, that prairie stations from Manitoba and the Dakotas were noted at 22:00 UTC, almost two hours before their local sunset! Maybe we can find some interesting stations in the recordings. 

Speaking of which, much of the time is spent checking IQ recordings. Today we found a few nice ones, like WSVS Crewe VA 800, KLVZ Brighton CO 810, WILD Boston MA 1090 and WENK Union City TN 1240. All these from previous days. 

 Apart from a quick drive to replace the hard drive at Mount Loran, the day was spent mostly indoor. One important chore is to make The Daily Bread, in my case a no-knead bread which is a 23-hour process. Later on, OJ will serve us with sourdough bread.

Dinner! As always on these DX-peditions, we have fried fresh salmon with carbonara. You can see the before and after pictures below. And as almost always, we have a home made Crème brûlée with a small glass of Cointreau for dessert. Here are a couple of pictures:Before:

And when ready to eat...

Weather is still mild for the season, around 5 Celsius, but the wind increased to gale force, and we had some rain as well. I went out to check my water supply before lunch, when I took the photo below. Weather will not improve!

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Unknown said...

Union City, Tennessee is only about an hour and a half drive north of my QTH in Memphis. Very nice reception. Your DXpeditions are the stuff of legend. And the eating sounds pretty great too. Never had reindeer or moose, but I'd sure give it a try.


Jim Pogue