Friday, October 15, 2021

KONG43 - Day One

 Arrival day, so nothing much to say.

Ole arrived very early in the morning after a mammoth drive in inclement weather conditions from Andøya - 1170 km! OJ Sagdahl arrived to Tana by bus from the Kirkenes airport terminal at 12:00 UTC, and we arrived at the KONG HQ at 13:35 after a short stop to buy reindeer tender loins from a local herder. The mountain passing was somewhat slippery. Ole and OJ then went off to replace the battery at the Mount Loran remote site, and collect 6 days of IQ recordings.

Just after arrival

The afternoon was uneventful, except we noted KPEN Kenai AK 840 at 15:40 and onwards. It's a new logging, but how long it's been on the air we don't know. We wonder if it may be the first day of broadcasting?

During the afternoon and evening we enjoyed a few beers, and the Lervig SuperSonic remained its position as a no. 1 beer. Non Puls Ultra. No sorry, that was the aquavit.

For dinner we had a rather traditional fish soup: Chopped carrots, seleriac, rutabaga (or swede?), potatoes, red chili, leak, and not least: Superb quality cod loins. We cooked a large pan, and expected leftovers. Not so.

Le Fish Soup

For dessert: Home made chocolate pudding with custard, and a  Disaronno Amaretto.

So, that's it for today! Temperatures maxed out at 4 Celsius, with relatively calm winds and only very light showers. According to the weather forecast, we ain't seen nothin' yet....


Gavin said...

Great stuff! Can’t wait to see what happens next, your weather makes ours look good!

Earl Higgins, St. Louis Missouri said...

I can't wait to read the logs. Will the SDR's continue to be available during this time?

By sheer coincidence, I happened to be listening on the Anchorage SDR yesterday and I do not believe there was anybody there on 840. Now, there is and they just ran some ads for a Kenai Peninsula drugstore. So it may very well be that this is indeed the first day of broadcasting for KPEN. Here's a direct link to the SDR if people want to hear KPEN.