Saturday, April 17, 2021

Approaching End of Season - Removing Beverage Antennas

Last weekend I started taking down the beverage antennas. The NA season was mostly over, and the reindeer migration was underway, so the 310 beverage and the dual, staggered 340 beverage were reeled in and taken indoor. Asia and Australia are still heard a few weeks, so lowered the 50 beverage and the 80 beverage to the ground, basically making them BOGs.

Today the time was come to collect the 520-metre 50 beverage. It's a fairly easy job on wet, rainy ground because the friction is a lot less. It does weigh a bit though, so a wheelbarrow comes in handy for the 200+ metres transport to the KONG HQ.

The 80 beverage is still out, and will be the prime Australia hunter for the next couple of weeks. It is impossible to take down anyway because the last 30-40 metres of it is covered in a concrete-hard, 2 metres high snow drift.

Looking in the direction of the 50 beverage

Heading towards the KONG HQ

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