Saturday, September 09, 2017

KONG 34 DX-Pedition - In Preparation For The Coming Season (Pt. 3)

Another sunny, but a bit windy day in Kongsfjord, with temperatures reaching 10 Celsius. Time to put up our new 560 meter beverage at 80 degrees. This should enable better reception of central and western parts of Australia. This antenna has a 285 meter coax feedline. The antenna and feedline are roughly described below.

Hundreds of goosanders were having a party in the bay just outside my house today. Maybe they were discussing the flight plan for the migration.


Today's dinner was reindeer stew with a paste made of potatoes, carrots and celeriac, and lingonberry jam from berries picked underneath the 310 beverage a couple of hours earlier. The wine was an excellent Cotes du Rhone.

And imagine our surprise when South Australia was noted with excellent signals duriing the meal! The new 80 degrees beverage delivered on its first day, despite the terrible conditions. Great signals on 729 and 891.

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