Friday, September 08, 2017

KONG 34 DX-Pedition - In Preparation For The Coming Season (Pt. 2)

Today was noise hunting day. One possible source for our intermittent noise was the wind power facility at Raccucærro. The site manager invited us in to do measurements with a Cloud-IQ and a Wellbrook 1530LF loop. Preliminary results are that the windpark is not responsible for the noise, however when we were out the noise disappeared, so we're still a bit inconclusive. Great site though.

Other things we did was to finish the 340 beverage and prepare for the roll-out of the 80 beverage.

For dinner we had premade fish gratin, consisting of first class cod, carrots, ginger, leek, celeriac and spices. Assorted cheese for dessert.

Today's picture is of course from the wind park, at 400+ masl. No vegetation at all, and lots of wind.

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