Thursday, October 17, 2013

KONG23 - Day Seven (Morning)

What have we done to deserve this... basically nothing at all during the night:

Luckily we still have lots of recordings from the good September openings to check, and find new stations.

Yesterday it was time for another KONG signature meal, the reindeer tenderloin, together with mashed potatoes & carrots and a veg wok. We started off with fresh dates wrapped in bacon or parma ham, fried on the pan. We finished with what gradually became a four-dish dessert; baked pineapples followed by cloudberries in whipped cream. As if that wasn't enough the rest of the cheese were downed with port wine before finishing it all with chocolate pudding leftovers and Amaretto. And the absolutely totally awesome Felton Road Pinot Noir.

Weather cooled off overnight, -4 Celsius but sunny and moderate breeze. One or more foxes visited the premises during darkness, and was not disappointed to find a nice selection of leftovers from past dinners.

View to the southwest

What Did The Fox Say? "Thanks guys!"


GuidoS said...

Thanks for your daily blog Bjarne ! It's incredible to see how you manage to keep up with updating you blog on a daily basis. It's very informative. Sometimes I'm trying to do that as well during DX-weekends but most of the time I don't while I am already too tired from doing other things.

Thanks again Bjarne.

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Thanks Guido.