Friday, September 06, 2013

Arctic DX Summit - Day One

This year's ADXS is scheduled from Thursday 5 to Monday 9 September, with me, Arnstein Bue and OJ Sagdahl as participants. Starting from Vadsø airport, we made a short detour to Finland to shop some alcoholic beverages such as the beer brands pictured below, and then headed straight to Kongsfjord. The nice late summer weather allowed outdoor grilling of fresh salmon.

German inspiration while testing the Jaguar Roadster
On Friday the weather was even warmer, and we spent several hours outdoor setting up the dual 340 beverage and providing proper grounding for the 50 beverage. As I write this, we are waiting for le chef OJ to compose a special chicken dish.

Conditions were ok, although at this latitude we never expect much at these early days of September. There were fair signals from the dominant eastern US and Canadian stations at 0000 and 0200 UTC. At 0300 we were already half an hour into daylight but some stations were still audible.
Checking last night's DX
More to come!


Chuck said...

Bjarne -

I always supposed your visitors flew into Kirkenes, and that is the only choice I saw with Norwegian Air. So it is possible to fly from Oslo or Trondheim to Vadso?

Yes, that means I would sometime like to DX from Kongsfjord.

Since it means easy access to Finland, it seems important!


Bjarne Mjelde said...

Chuck: Actually most of the time my visitors fly into Berlevag (BVG), combining SAS and Wideroe flights, since it's only 30 km away from Kongsfjord. Norwegian only serves Kirkenes (KKN). Wideroe operates a large network of local airports, including Berlevag and Vadso (VDS).