Monday, October 22, 2012

KONG22 - Last Day

The last 24 hours of KONG22 experienced excellent solar conditions, except perhaps the solar wind a bit on the high side, but DX-ing was challenging. Not much (any) of interest from Asia and the Pacific. As usual, the last evening's dinner is reindeer tenderloins, to which we enjoyed a truly superb red wine from New Zealand, a 2009 Felton Road Pinot Noir.

Conditions throughout the last night was mostly towards the eastern part of North America, and South America. Buenos Aires-1350 and WMOB-1360 were noted in passing. Possibly the morning's most interesting log was made close to the last full-hour before packing our gear: WBIP Booneville MS 1400.

OJ, TJ and I drove to Vadsø at 10:00 local (Ole had left for Andøya an hour earlier), and despite stretches of extremely icy roads (I occasionally felt like Bambi on the ice when driving), OJ and TJ arrived at Vadsø airport with time to spare.

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