Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Weekend In Helsinki

Together with 14 ex-colleagues from the Municipality of Berlevag, I visited Helsinki last weekend. Not to anyone's surprise, I also met with several Finnish DX-ers. Jim Solatie and I had a splendid sushi lunch/dinner at Norisushi on Friday, and on Saturday I spent the better part of a full day with Antti Aaltonen, Håkan Sundman, Hannu Tikkanen and Mika Mäkelainen. It ended in the Belgian restaurant Belge, downtown Helsinki. I also had the chance to meet Jan-Erik Österholm and Hannu Niilekselä on the Helsinki airport on Sunday. They and Håkan were on their way to Lemmenjoki that day to take part in their LEM hostess Kristiina's funeral. Here are a few photos. Yes, we did eat and drink a lot.
Håkan, Hannu, Mika and Antti

From left: Yours truly, Mika, Hannu, Håkan. Photo: Antti Aaltonen
Part of Helsinki's sea front

The sushi plate at Norisushi. And a Sapporo beer to match

Bjarne, Antti, Mika, Håkan. Photo: Hannu Tikkanen


Anonymous said...

Hi Bjarne,
Nice to meet you in person although we did not have much time more than to shake hands. My wife Heidi and myself is planning to visit your part of the Globe during next summer and it would be nice to meet you then.
73's an BG

Bjarne Mjelde said...

Looking forward to see you again, Jan-Erik!