Sunday, November 28, 2010

Instead Of Dismantling An Old Radio And TV-tower

You can do this.

65 meters tall, this mini Eiffel-tower known in Berlevag as "Linken" ("the link") was erected in 1970 to house the NRK FM and TV repeaters. Nowadays it's used for mobile phone antennas and the owner Telenor had in fact thought of dismantling it. The municipality decided it could be put to better use, so they illuminated it with LED lamps. The link is a live cam, so you'll also get an impression of the weather in Berlevag (at the time of writing, a fresh breeze and snow showers).


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Online T.v Channels said...

Masts and towers can collapse as a result of natural disasters, such as storms and fires; from engineering defects; and from accidents or sabotage.

Asiantv said...

"The Zonquor Transmitter Station was built by the REME and Royal Signals but was a RAF Transmitter station, It was the transmitter station for RAF Siggiewi 840 Signals Unit to form part of the upgraded DCN (Defence Communications Network). It was to take over from Kalafrana and Benhaisa but never went operational due to the initial pull-out of British Forces following the election of the Mintoff Government in 1971. All the equipment was physically removed and airlifted by helicopters from HMS London then anchored in Grand Harbour. The equipment was taken straight to RAF Luqa where it was loaded onto RAF Transport Command Hercules and Belfast aircraft and taken off the island within 24 hours."