Sunday, September 26, 2010

Excalibur Recording from Arctic Norway

A 1250 kHz, 150 second file was recorded at 0400Z this morning, roughly at sunrise. The spectrum covers the Mediumwave, and was recorded with an Excalibur SDR connected to a 250 meter long beverage at 310 degrees bearing. You will hear a mix of eastern and midwest stations from North America, with the odd northerly South America thrown in. The Europeans are mostly of modest strength, but UK, French and Spanish stations are quite strong (and the semi-local Russians).

You will also be able to "enjoy" my local Loran C station, situated 14 km away in the front lobe of the beverage.

The zipped file is 572 MB and can be downloaded here. Do not rename the file. Those who do not own an Excalibur can download the software from this site.

UPDATE! In case some were denied access to the file, here is the reason:
Looks like I need to find someone else to store my files.

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