Sunday, July 25, 2010

Excalibur and DRM

DRM is part of the MF and HF bands today, albeit with a most uncertain future. Actually I bought a DRM license from Winradio back in 2007, to test with the SDR-IQ and later the Perseus. My trials were disappointing - I needed almost 20 dB SNR to decode, and another 5 dB to get stable reception. Not to mention the sound card problems. With the Excalibur I got decoding at around 15 dB SNR, and stable reception at around 18-19 dB. DRM with the Excalibur is very much plug and play, if you chose to install the DRM player when you installed the software and driver.

So, if you enjoy DRM, and you have a DRM license (or are willing to pay USD 50 to buy one), the Exalibr provides an excellent platfom. The illustration is from 13810 kHz at 1200 UTC.

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