Monday, May 17, 2010

EAC R-390A Spring Test

My EAC s/n 204 R-390A isn't used for DX anymore, but I fire it up now and then to make sure that it works properly. And it always does. This time, I connected a pair of Logitech active speakers to the audio and line out connections.

Using the Lankford-designed manual AM sync I can enjoy distortion-free reception with the R-390A. It is enabled by switching the BFO switch on. Tune the Pitch control to obtain zero beat. At the time I took the photo, I was tuned to Radio Romania's German service. The radio on top is a 1950's Radionette. Works perfectly too, except there's no light in the magic eye.


bepp said...

Hi Bjarne!
A really beutiful example, my dream rx for many years ... Would you ever decide to let it go, please contact me :-)
Bernt-Ivan Holmberg

Bjarne Mjelde said...

If you outlive me there might be a chance, Bernt-Ivan :-)

bepp said...

thought so..:-) i wouldn´t part with it either if I had one...have a sp600JX17 and an old Racal RA17 so some tube glowing here also from time to time.
best wishes