Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arctic DX Summit 2010

From Sep 3 to Sep 5, Kongsfjord will be the venue for the Arctic DX Summit. Over the last few years, the Kongsfjord (KONG) and Lemmenjoki (LEM) crews have established a closer collaboration with regards to condx alerts, DX openings, loggings, equipment and QSLs. So it's about time we meet!

OJ Sagdahl and Bjarne Mjelde (host) will meet with Finnish DX-ers Jim Solatie, Håkan Sundman, Hannu Tikkanen and Antti Aaltonen. We will test the novel QDFA antenna design, the new Winradio Excalibur SDR, discuss various facets of the DX hobby, eat Norwegian seafood (and surely more than that) and drink good wines (and surely more than that).

Our intention is that the Arctic DX Summit will evolve into an annual event.


Takashi said...

Hi! Bjarne, it is an interesting event!

Anonymous said...

Won't you need a representative from the Americas sometime?


Bjarne Mjelde said...

Chuck, this will grow into a worldwide event!

Horacio Nigro, Uruguay said...

A report of all this to happen will be welcomed also for South American DXers.