Monday, December 21, 2009

More On The Winradio Excalibur

As per info received today from Winradio, the Excalibur will be available in March 2010. The "MW Filter" I was concerned about in my previous post is user selectable.

And the really, really good news: As I hoped, RF recording (or IF recording as Winradio puts it) can be chosen from any of the 21 bandwidths within the DDC spectrum (20 kHz to 2 MHz). I didn't ask specifically which bandwidths are selected, but I'm confident that there will be one which matches the MW spectrum nicely. The output files are WAV files.

The Excalibur will be cheaper than the USD 1,200 WR-G313e. So perhaps in the USD 1,000 - 1,100 range. Winradio expects the Excalibur to be at least as sensitive as the Perseus.

(Picture from Winradio)


TK said...

Hi Bjarne;
What about the resolution of spectrum? As far as I have seen they say 15 Hz which means (we "HerzGuys") can not measure exact carrier frequencies...

73 Tarmo

Anonymous said...

Don't worry: some third-party "Perseus-killer" plugins for Excalibur software are under development.

G5VU said...

The 50Hz minimum selectivity is very disappointing for my field of interest. Perseus users now have the ability to get down to a bandwidth of 5Hz, lets hope that Excalibur can provide that or better.