Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mid Winter Greetings

With Winter Solstice passed, days in the Arctic will gradually get lighter, in more than one way for many, until we see the sun again early February. Our noon right now is in fact darker than the photo suggests.

It's been another good year for the MW enthusiasts, and another lousy year for the HF amateurs. While I wish nothing bad for the HF amateurs, I'd still prefer to have another year with extremely low solar activity.

And who knows what 2010 will bring? New receivers? New antenna designs? New DRM and Iboc noise towers on MW...?

A happy midwinter celebration to all my readers and everyone else around, and happy new year as well!

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Chuck Rippel said...


Happy mid-winter greetings from Virginia, USA to you, also. I've enjoyed reading your Blog. Yes, the Winter Solstice has passed and the days will get longer; I too wonder about next years solar conditions.

The normally outstanding MW TA conditions from Cape Hatteras, NC have been terrible. I've made 3-4 unproductive trips; John Bryant made at least 1. He and I have discussed what might be behind the changes.

Found an article, recently published that may explain not only our own conditions, but perhaps speaks to propagation conditions all over world both good and bad.