Friday, November 24, 2006

Queensland Verifications

Following a report on the Queensland locals in Townsville 630 (4QN, October 17) and Pialba 855 (4QB, October 8) I received email replies from Martin Powley at ABC Capricornia and Ross Peddlesden at ABC Wide Bay.

As for 855, the KONG crews have been uncertain about which station we heard since Eidsvold (4QO) is also listed there with 10kW. But Pialba (listed as Maryborough some places) is both directional towards us and coastal so it is the most likely one while Eidsvold is inland and non-directional. Also, Ross meant that Eidsvold had lower power. Maybe - the coverage map on ABC's excellent home pages is not conclusive since they do not list power. Eidsvold seems to cover a large area though.

Over the next couple of weeks programs will be transferred from Pialba to a new transmitter at a new site at Dundowran, near Hervey Bay. Possibly this is the change to FM that is indicated in The Pacific-Asian Log.

Update Nov 26:
Ross Peddlesten confirmed in an email today that the new transmitter at Dundowran will not be FM, but another AM transmitter, due toAustralian legislation which requires coverage to all citizens if possible - not all locals can receive an FM signal.

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